BlastUp Review

Blastup (formerly known as GramBlast) is an online Instagram Growth Service that claims to provide likes, followers and views.

Today, we’ll be reviewing BlastUp – checking out their features, pros and cons, whether we recommend using them – plus how they compare to Gramitate!

Let’s get on with it.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers?

Firstly, why would you even want to grow your Instagram through premium methods such as online growth services?

Well, by gaining followers – your account will not only gain in legitimacy, but also increase its outreach.

As Instagram sees more people are following you, they will push out your content to more users.

Therefore increasing your audience and customer base.

It is the same with likes.

The more likes you get per post, the quicker your account will grow – and the more leads you will create.

This is where Instagram Growth Services come in – to gain you these likes and followers, so you can focus on creating good content.

But it is important to use a service which will actually help your account grow, and not hurt it.

What is BlastUp?

BlastUp is an online Instagram Growth Service that provides packages of followers, likes and views.

They also offer Automatic Likes.

In their own words:

When you order followers from Blastup you can expect to start seeing them within minutes

They claim to provide Instant Delivery – and offer email support.

But is their service actually legit? – or are there far better alternatives out there to grow your Instagram?

We think there are better alternatives – such as our service, Gramitate.

BlastUp vs Gramitate

After checking out BlastUp, here is how it compares to Gramitate – which is our Instagram Growth Service.

Free Trial/ PlanYESYES
Organic Growth?YESNO
Live Chat SupportYESNO
24/7 SupportYESNO

The truth is that buying fake followers from some Instagram Growth Services will actually harm your account.

This is because Instagram will either ban your account after noticing – or stop advertising it on the Explore Page.

This is why it is ESSENTIAL to use a service which offers Organic Growth (like ours – Gramitate).

Instead of buying fake followers and likes, which can harm your account potentially.

Our Recommendation

Here at Gramitate, we believe you should be growing your account organically.

That means you are gaining real followers and likes.

Not buying fake followers.

Gramitate is simple:

  • Automate Your Actions – our highly sophisticated AI will like, follow and view user’s accounts for you.
  • Schedule Posts – schedule and upload posts whenever you want at any time.
  • No.1 Service – we offer the best support team, a free trial, refund policy, and everything expected with a great company.

You can get started with our free trial (completely free!) by signing up here.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about BlastUp, and Gramitate.

What is BlastUp?

BlastUp is an online Instagram Growth Service that provides packages of followers, likes and views to be bought from their website. They also offer Automatic Likes – and promise Instant Delivery.

Is BlastUp legit?

It is not certain whether BlastUp legit as they are not a very well-known service. They lack features such as Live Chat, 24//7 Support – and don’t offer Organic Growth.

BlastUp vs Gramitate

In terms of comparison, BlastUp is a marketplace to buy followers and likes, whereas Gramitate is an automation service to gain real followers and likes. Gramitate also offers live chat and 24/7 support – unlike BlastUp.

For a more in-depth review, click here.

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