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a) Getting Started With Gramitate

NOTE: Signing Up is FREE since a 1 day trial is enabled for all the packages.

To sign up, press ‘Get Started’ in the top-right of the website, or anywhere else on the screen.

You will be redirected to a registration page where you’ll have to enter the required information.

After filling marked fields with your name, email, password, repeat password, at the end, click on the sign-up button.

Next, go to your email inbox or spam folder and click on the link in the confirmation email to complete the sign up process (Please use a valid email).

You will now be able to reach the Gramitate dashboard – and use the 1-day free trial with your login details.

Note: Please use a strong password.


Please carefully check the following points before adding your Instagram account:

  •  The Instagram account you are trying to add is not private and does not have age-restricted content.
  •  The email address and phone number responsible for this Instagram account are correct and you have access to them.
  •  You have previously accessed this account through the Instagram app or website.
  •  This is a real account and you have already made posts on it.
  •  Two-factor authentication is disabled for this account.

Step 1

Now you need to connect your Instagram account to, to do this, click on the Add Account from Posts or press Users on the left-side of the dashboard and ‘Add Account’.


Step 2

You will be redirected to a page where you must enter username and password of your Instagram account and then click on the button “Login in Now”.


  • A 60 second OTC( One Time Code) will be sent to the email you registered your Instagram account with.
  • If you don’t get the code in the first instance, you can click resend on the link that appears after the 60 seconds countdown.
  • Enter the 6-digit code you receive from Instagram via email or text message. Sometimes the code may take longer to arrive. The code must be entered.
  • If the provided username and password information is correct, your Instagram account will be added successfully.

Note: In some accounts, Instagram shows a message on your phone App. The Instagram’s message asks you “someone attempted to log into your account recently. “. You must click on “it was me” button.


Now you have added your account, whenever using Gramitate from now on, you can easily click the account and automate actions.


Note: We do not keep your password; actually you are entering your password in Instagram API. It is important to keep in mind that you can always change your password by email or mobile number via your mobile Instagram App.

Got your Instagram account added? Let’s add your first Post.

b) Posting and Scheduling

Select any media, a file, image or video from your PC, URL, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and add the media to your account in your dashboard (see below).

Add a caption or first comment, select schedule and the time and date of the post.

Under advanced settings, you can add any location to your posts.

The blue button labelled ‘Post Now’ will send your post to your Instagram account. You can view all scheduled posts on ‘Calendar’ down the left-side of your dashboard.


While scheduling or posting a post directly, you can also have a biolink added to your account profile as the post goes live.

The previously set default link in your bio, can then be restored after a specified time period.



You can check on the status of your scheduled post under the Calendar Section – this is available with every plan.


You can press on each date, and see which posts have successfully published/ failed/ or are in progress.


Under the Caption section you can add frequently used captions.

You can add and save as many as you want – which you can use on your posts to save you time.


To use the captions, you have to go back to your posting page and when you click as shown below, they will appear and you can select which saved caption you can use.


c) Automation


When it comes to enabling automation features;

i) Make sure to use function “Pause actions ..” to pause the module, especially, overnight.

ii) Avoid running multiple automation tasks: For the safety of your account and to prevent IG ‘soft blocks’, it is recommended to run single automation activities before using the next and never run more than two activities at the same time.

iii) And when combining multiple activities, always avoid running Auto Follow + Auto Unfollow at the same time. This could be risky for your account. You can combine two other activities apart from these two.

iv) Always Read your activity log: The purpose of the log page for every activity is to let you know how your account is performing these tasks when you follow these logs.

Auto Follow allows you to automatically follow users.

It offers various targeting features based on Hashtags, Places or People.

Before enabling (under Status) – you have to have added at least a couple hashtags or other targeting criteria.

We would recommend starting with the Auto Speed, and increasing over time.

There are also other settings available as seen below.

Remember to deactivate Auto Unfollow before activating auto follow.



Auto Unfollow helps you reduce the number of followers thus getting rid of unsuspecting character/accounts/activity. It’s very necessary especially while using auto follow.

You can also add users to your White List to avoid having them unfollowed – and can also choose to not unfollow your followers.

We would, as with all other automation, recommend enabling ‘Pause Actions Everyday’ for at least a couple hours.

Remember to deactivate Auto Follow before activating auto Unfollow.



Auto Like is a great tool to interact with posts of new Instagram users or users you follow.

By liking other people posts, they will check out your content – increasing your engagement and outreach.

Select your account (1) and make sure to input some hashtags (2/3) , places or people for advanced targeting – and to pause actions everyday for a couple hours (4).

After enabling and pressing save (5), you can click on the Activity log to check your activity.



Auto Comment automates the commenting process right from a browser.

It comes with targeting settings which will be more than enough to gain more followers from other Instagram posts.

Just like other automation modules, you can target in terms of hashtags, locations or people.

We recommend doing the same safety precautions, as all other automation features.

To start, you need to input at least a couple comments under the ‘Comments’ tab and press ‘Add Comment’ (see below).

Then press save – and enable Auto Comment.



Auto Repost allows you to repost posts from certain hashtags, users or locations to your profile.

This means your profile will never lack content.

You can also choose to have the reposted content removed after a certain amount of time automatically.



And can also set first comments on these posts, choose a caption (take it from the original or make your own), and filter based on many settings (as seen below).



Auto View Stories enables you to view many accounts’ stories – some of whom will check out your account in return – increasing your outreach and engagement.

Basically, you get to automatically view stories of people/accounts you are following.



Auto Welcome allows you to send automated welcome DMs to new followers.

In most cases, these welcome messages will helps you build a rapport with your audience – and convert followers into fans and customers.

To start, make sure to add messages under ‘Messages’ and click ‘Add Message’ then Save.

And after choosing Settings, hit ‘Enabled’ under Status.



d) Other Features


In this section you can view, scroll and interact with your feed without going to the Instagram App. This includes:

  • See your posts (or post from any other user).
  • Like/ Unlike posts.
  • Comments: you can comment, like, delete and reply!
  • See Followers/Followings (and follow/unfollow).
  • View stories.
  • Repost.
  • Search Users.
  • Send DMs.
  • Edit/ Delete your Posts.

The Image Editor can be reached from your dashboard by pressing its icon down the left-side of your screen.

Users can Easily;

  • Customizable Tools – You can remove or modify and add custom stickers, shapes, fonts, frames and more.
  • Photo Manipulation – Resize, crop, transform and more.
  • Filters – Image Editor comes with many built in filters like grayscale, blur, black & white, vintage and more.
  • Frame – Add built-in responsive frames to photo of any size or add your own frames.
  • Crop – Crop photo to one of specified aspect ratios or let user select custom crop zone via UI.
  • Draw – Powerful free drawing tool supports both mouse and touch, has multiple brush types, colors and more.
  • Text – Full support for adding text to images. Several hundred of google fonts can be used or only custom added fonts.
  • Shapes – Custom shapes can be easily added by simply specifying svg image path.
  • Stickers – Custom stickers can be added or removed. Any type of image can be used as a sticker.
  • Corners – Image corners can be rounded with one simple click .
  • Empty canvas – Pixie does not have to edit existing photo, custom images can easily be created from scratch as well.
  • History – All editor actions are non destructive and can be easily undone and redone via history tool.
  • Objects – All objects like stickers, shapes and text are on their own layer and can be easily moved, resized, deleted and modified by changing their color, adding shadow, background and more.
  • Patterns and Gradients – All objects can be filled in with many built in or custom patterns and gradients.
  • Saving – Modified image can be easily saved on local device or on the server via API or interface..
  • Zoom & Pan – Canvas can be zoomed and panned using mouse, mouse wheel, or touch and pinch gestures on mobile devices.


The Advanced Analytics section is an extension of the Basic Statistics offered.

No action is required, but you can check meaningful stats and account projections for all your Instagram Accounts.




You can as well see top trending hashtags in your location, which you can target in your posts:



Statistics offers basic analytics about your account, and posts.

No action is required other than to observe your account summary in graphical form.

You can select which IG account to view as shown below;


e) Support and Pricing

Yes, Gramitate offers a 1-Day Free Trial.

No payment method is required at the time of registration.

The free trial allows you to try Gramitate with 1 Instagram profile for 1 day and try out our Auto Follow and Schedule Posting features.

To get started, click here.

We accept payments via credit card and debit card (Visa/Mastercard) and payments via PayPal.

All payments are super secure, so don’t ever worry about fraud or being scammed.

You are entitled for a refund if Gramitate doesn’t work for 5 consecutive days.

If so, make sure to contact our support team.

But, as specified in the terms and conditions accepted at the time of registration, you cannot get a refund if you simply don’t like the service (although this rarely happens).

For temporary disruptions that may occur for various reasons, we do add days of extension to your subscription.

For this reason, we do not ask for any payment method at the time of registration.

We try to be as fair as possible – so if you have any questions – please contact us.

Yes, you can cancel the billing at any time.



Login to your account and select Profile from the left hand side menu.

If you pay by card you need to cancel through your profile.

If you pay by Paypal you can cancel your subscription via your Paypal Account.

To check the difference in our pricing options, please visit the pricing table page here->>

f) Troubleshooting

The Instagram feedback required error is one of the most common errors you can easily encounter when using Instagram either manually or when using an automation tool like Gramitate.

Reasons for the Instagram Feedback Required Error

The usual reasons for this error are:

  1. Instagram Server error: If you’re using an automation tool like Gramitate, there is a possibility that we’re unable to connect your account to Instagram due to an overload on the server housing your account on Gramitate, therefore this error occurs. A reason like this is usually fixed when you retry after few minutes or you can simply contact us to have it fixed.
  2. Targetted account error: You can encounter the Instagram Feedback required error when there is an issue with the account you’re trying to interact with. This could be as a result of privacy settings or the user have decided to block your account.

In this case, you can simply ignore the feedback required error as you won’t encounter issues when you moved on to the next targeted account.

  1. Performing Activities too fast: If you perform tasks too fast or you have hit the Instagram limits of your account, you are bound to face this error also. There is a set limit for performing various tasks on Instagram such as Follow, Unfollow, Likes and Comments.

For new/dormant accounts, the limit is low compared to old, active and trusted accounts. Although we have set a safe limit for Gramitate according to our trusted research, some users might still face the InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required when they’re hitting their account limit.

  1. Targeted Hashtags are Blacklisted: Sometimes, the issue might not be with your account or your activity, it could be your target. Instagram constantly ban hashtags that have been abused, if you include such hashtag in your targeted tags, then you might encounter this error. See the updated list of banned hashtags on Instagram down this menu.
  2. Posting Spammy comments: If you post comments that Instagram suspects to be a spam, you might be stopped from performing this task and the action required error might come up.

This is why we always advise Gramitate users to use spintax and variables in their comments and DMs.

Solutions to the Instagram Feedback Required Error

Note: For new Instagram accounts, errors like this do occur if you have not verified your account, especially with a mobile number AND if you’ve not used the account on the official Instagram mobile app. In this case, we advise you to verify the account (preferably with a mobile number) and also perform tasks such as Follow, Like and comment on the official Instagram mobile app.

  1. Other recommended fix will be to pause the activity and resume in 24-48 hours with slower speed.
  2. We have designed the system to automatically re-schedule your activity after 24 hours, so you have the option to pause it manually or the system will do this for you automatically, especially if you aren’t around.Gramitate
  3. Make sure to use function “Pause actions every day..” to pause the module over night.
  4. Deactivate the activity: The first step will be to identify what triggers this error, is it when you run a specific tool or does it occurs on all of your activities.

For example, you may see the error only when you run a specific function like Auto-like or Auto-comment. Meanwhile, other functions like Auto Follow and Unfollow are still working perfectly fine.

In this case pause the specific activities for 24 hours while other functions are still running.

  1. Pause entire account activities: If you encounter this error when you perform any function via Gramitate, then you need to pause entire account from performing any task for 24 hours.

Also, you’re advised not to perform any activity on the Instagram official mobile app during this period.

If you have any question regarding this article or the problem persist please contact us.

  1. Reduce Activity Speed: When the pause period in step 2 is finally over, you should set up new activities with a lower speed. If you had been running your campaigns on the Fast speed, switch to the speed before it (Medium).

Run your activities with this reduced speed for at least a week.

  1. Avoid running multiple tasks: To be on a safer side, it is recommended to run single activities for the first few days before and never run more than two activities for the next few weeks.

And when combining multiple activities, always avoid Auto Follow + Auto Unfollow at the same time. This could be risky for your account. You can combine two other activities aside these two.

  1. Always Read your activity log: The purpose of the log page for every activity is to let you how your account is performing these tasks when you follow these logs, you’ll be able to tell when things are not going right. And you can easily deactivate any activity generating too many errors.

Note: Always deactivate any activity that shows any error similar to ‘InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required’ to avoid sending more requests to Instagram.

  1. Use a different proxy or clearing account cookies. This can be done using the following steps:
  • Log in to our platform.
  • Navigate to the Accounts page.
  • Select three dots at the upper right corner of the account in question.
  • Click the Edit account button.
  • Add in the new proxy address (if you have any) or select “Only swap the proxy” checkbox and click Save Changes.

Alternatively, select “Only clear cookies” checkbox and click Save Changes.

Instagram (and other social networks) doesn’t know that you are using a proxy, so your trust score increases, there are no blocks, there is no risk of ban, and the IP changes automatically.

  1. Remove and re-add your Instagram account: If you purchased your own proxy address, please remove your Instagram account from our system and re-add it again.

The above suggestions are what worked for many of our users who have come across the Instagram Feedback Required error. It is not necessary to try all of the above as a single one could be a fix to your own issue. Understanding what triggers the error is the key to solving it.

If you are unsure, please contact our support team and we will get it fixed for you.

When you logged into your dashboard did you notice that your account is no longer linked to Gramitate?

Don’t worry, it’s a normal thing that sometimes can happen. Usually, this happens when the automation is running at the same time when someone is using your Instagram account (i.e. you are using the Instagram app on your phone at the same time when our automations are set to run).

Some users might be asked to re-login their Instagram accounts over and over again.

You may also be required to temporarily remove your Instagram account from our platform and re-add it after 2-4 hours.

Here are some methods to avoid having to re-login often:

  • Make sure to have your account verified with a phone number, and that is has been logged into the app before – so that Instagram knows it is a real account.
  • Also we recommend starting with the Auto Speed Settings and gradually increasing.
  • Of course not using your account whilst automation is running is a good idea. You can do everything you need to on Instagram through the Gramitate dashboard anyway, even look at your feed, like/follow/comment and upload posts.

An additional method to get around constant re-login is to swap proxy or clearing account cookies. This can be done using the following steps:


  1. Log in to our platform.

  2. Navigate to the Accounts page.

  3. Select three dots at the upper right corner of the account in question.

  4. Click the Edit account button.

  5. Add in the new proxy address, select “Only swap the proxy” checkbox and click Save Changes.

Alternatively, select “Only clear cookies” checkbox and click Save Changes.

NOTE: When selecting “Only swap the proxy” or “Only clear cookies” options, Instagram account password is not required to entered.

If you got an Instagram in-app notification that says It looks like you shared your password with a service to help you get more likes or followers, which goes against our Community Guidelines. Change your password to continue using Instagram. If you share your new password with one of these services, you may get blocked from following, liking or commenting. and their variations, you are not alone.

Tens of millions of Instagram profiles sees this “Your Account Was Compromised” IG message, whether they indeed participated in inauthentic activities or not.

It will look something like this:



No, this doesn’t mean someone hacked your Instagram account, so don’t panic and instead – read on.

How to solve it?

Here are known ways to stop getting “Your account was compromised” IG message:

  • Give yourself a break from “autofollow” ,“auto-like”  and “auto-comment” activities for at least 72 hours and a maximum of 7 days.
  • After pausing auto-comment, you can resume by using word variations under comments or DMs.
  • Link your Instagram account with Facebook

Let’s go into more details for each method:

1. Take a break

Since overdosing activity on your Instagram will be the most common reason why you received “Account Compromised” message, it will be a good idea to take a break from following, liking and commenting.

For how long?

We recommend stopping all activities at least for 48 hours although in some cases, the block might last longer, up to 5-7 days.

2. Comment/DM variations Provides full support for rotating texts using spinning syntax (or spintax) which is a feature that allows the definition of dynamic text that can change value every time they are published. This allows the construction of more fluid and natural conversations in order to avoid repetitive messages that negatively affect their automation.

To define a rotating text, simply create groups of delimited values between braces (the {and} characters) with the options separated by pipes (the vertical bar |).

An example of spintax is:

  •  {Hi | Hello}, thank you for following my profile on Instagram. It’s {very good | great | cool} to be together here.

This syntax can output any of the following values:

  •  Hi, thanks for following my profile on Instagram. It’s great to be together here.
  •  Hello, thanks for following my profile on Instagram. It’s great to be together here.
  •  Hi, thanks for following my profile on Instagram. It’s cool to be together here.
  •  Hi, thanks for following my profile on Instagram. It’s great to be together here.
  •  Hi, thanks for following my profile on Instagram. It’s great to be together here.
  •  Hi, thanks for following my profile on Instagram. It’s cool to be together here.

Use when you enable Auto Comment ,DM (people) and Welcome DM.

If you haven’t done so yet, try to connect your personal or business Instagram account with your or brand’s Facebook page account.

Often, Instagram accounts that were receive such a message are not associated with any Facebook accounts, and Instagram might see it as a trust issue. Addressing it, you are showing Instagram more credibility that indeed you are a real person using an account and not a bot service.

You can also link your account to a phone number for increased confidence with Instagram – you don’t need to even verify the number – so we 100% recommend doing it.


Overall – don’t worry if you see this message!

If it persists, make sure to get in touch with our support team.

You may experience error message “consent_required” when adding in an Instagram account to our bot. The error message appears when your Instagram account has not been fully set up yet.

To fix this do the following steps:

  1. Log into your Instagram account using a mobile application.

  2. Finish setting up the Instagram account and add in as much information/answer all data protection questions.

  3. Log back into our platform and re-link the Instagram account again.

TIP: Sometimes this can also be overcome by making the Instagram account a business account rather than personal.


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